Basic Treatment

Must-Know Information on Treatment

  • All treatment methods have strengths and weaknesses, hence an array of tools and techniques are needed to control invasives in a large and complex area.
  • Some treatments are appropriate in some situations while not in others.
  • Special measures must be followed in protection zones such as designated Wilderness, special-status species habitat, wetlands, riparian zones, archeological and traditional use areas.
  • Different methods of removing invasives require different tools and precautions. (Please visit our Advanced Treatment page for more information.)
  • It is important to do research and reach out to your available resources before attempting to remove invasives on your own.

Target Invasive

   Biological Treatment

   Chemical Treatment

   Mechanical      Treatment


Leafy Spurge                  X  Perspective, Streamline
Wild Parsnip                  X                   X  2-4 D, Escort, Roundup, Parsnip Predator
Amur Cork Tree & Buckthorn                  X                   X  Garlon 4 Ultra
Japanese Knotweed                  X                   X  Arsenal, Milestone
Garlic Mustard                  X                   X  Pull out before seeds,  Roundup, Crossbow
Spotted Knapweed                 X                  X                   X  Perspective, Streamline,  Milestone, Tordon K

Biological Treatment:

Use weevils, beetles, goats, sheep, cattle, root borers if prior researched results have been effective.

Chemical Treatment:

Use chemicals applied by foliar (applied by pump or electric tank and nozzle sprayer), sponge (applied by soaking a sponge in chemical and blotting cut stump), basal (applied by spraying either girdled or unaffected bark), injection (taking a large syringe and putting chemical directly into plant), or cut stump (applied by immediately applying herbicide to a cut stump).

Mechanical Treatment:

Use techniques to physically remove invasive plants. Some examples include: brush mowers (handheld, PTO, or self-powered), chainsaws, loppers (large shears), shovels, Weed Wrench or Puller Bear ® (pulling devices), black plastic tarps (smother plants over several weeks), prescribed burning (written by a certified Burn Planner).

Links to PDF’s on Mechanical Control suggestions