Landowner Walkovers

LCIP offers individual landowner walkovers by their staff.  The staff will tour your property with you to inventory native and invasive plants as well as look at issues to address.  Then the staff will give you an inventoried list and next steps to manage your property.  Our only request is that you donate to LCIP in the amount you want.

To schedule one of these walkovers call us at 715-539-2766 or email us at

LCIP is now offering sprayers, herbicide and training for landowners that are looking to work on invasives on their property!

If you are interested or know of someone who is download this document to find out the details involved!


Solution Options

Biological Treatment


2015 in Red 2017 in Pink Cypho Distribution Map

Insects used to eat and eventually eradicate plants


Chemical Treatment

Herbicide spraying

2019 Herbicide Recs

Mechanical Treatment (Hand or Power tools)

Buckthorn Baggie installed.  See more at
Buckthorn Baggie installed. See more at

Shooter Shovel, Hand Saw, Pick Ax, Loppers, Small Weed Wrench, Large Weed Wrench, Buckthorn Baggie

Please visit one of our sub-sites for more information on treatment.